Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Superheroes! Narrative Plan


What was easy was to write the bad and minor people because it wasn't that hard to write the story but it was still good enough.

What I found hard was to write the Theme/Author's message because it was too hard for me but I wrote a theme message and an authors message as well what I also found hard was to write the middle of my story because I had to put my 20 super powers and I had to think of heaps of super powers.

What I can do better is to make more interesting details and have more than one idea in my story.

Friday, 18 November 2016



It was hard to think of questions to answer because I was doing the earthquakes by myself for this slide show.  It was tricky to work alone because it was hard to find information for the earthquakes but I got it finished in time.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

My 3 Days In Room 23


What I found challenging was to do the Frozen coding because it was very hard because it was degrees. Then we had to make Elsa move 100 pixels forward and also make Anna make a line.

What I enjoyed was doing the pixel art because it got very cool but it was very hard for me because I was doing something big and it was Dead-pool and when I got better at it I did R2-D2 which was kind of hard, to you it might look easy but it was hard.  Then I did Pikachu which you think was easy and it was and I also liked to do was the coding because I finished doing the Star Wars coding and the Minecraft one as well and the Minecraft one was a little bit hard but the Star Wars one wasn't.