Monday, 29 August 2016


W.A.L.T  write a persuasive argument.


Well hello everybody I’m here to persuade you why smoking is bad for anyone’s health.

My first reason is that the smoke has about one thousand and two hundred chemicals in it and, is bad for your family.

My second reason is that whoever smokes it will decrease or reduce your lifespan by eleven minutes.  

My third reason is that if you smoke you will get things like: yellow teeth,  dry skin on your feet,  your hair constantly coming off,  and some extra worse things.

My fourth reason is that the smoking price goes up by ten dollars a year or an extra 10 percent a year and that’s good because then no one will want to buy it anymore.

Now I hope I have persuaded you why and how smoking is bad for your health.

Reflection: It was hard to find some ideas about my topic and to try and make my speech 2 minutes and 30 seconds,  3 minutes or 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

What I enjoyed about my speech is that right in the beginning I got heaps of ideas and that was a head start for me but it was hard to make the speech.  It took three days for me to figure out what to write for my speech.

What I have to improve on is to try and make it to two minutes and thirty seconds and also
I could improve on thinking for more ideas.