Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My Fairy tale

On my fairy tale I had to write about a fairy tale but made up so I made the three wolves and big bad pig and I made it different so it's like the three little pig's and the big bad wolf and the pig's making house's and I made it the wolves making house's and the pig being bad.  So I turned the story around you see the wolve is surposed to be the bad guy but the pig is and there are three wolves and they are good not bad good like the three little pig's.  

Monday, 23 November 2015

Propability of Yahtzee


 My reflection

On this project I had to roll a dice and see the propability of rolling a 6 and my anwser was 1/6 because it is unlikey to roll a 6 because its only likely to roll 5,4,3 and 2 so 1 is also unlikely to get because it is 1/1 of every thing is likely to get because there is only one of every number.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Ways People speak


When me and Mauriora and Johnny was thinking of some words instead of said from L-R-R-H we got Called Replied Reply Spoke and Cried then we were typing up five words up on the dictionary and explain those words.

Next we had to read a book and see if any words instead said on the book pinocchio and we found some words instead of said that was: Chuckled lied cried yelled told shouted demanded thats what we got.

Lastly we had to do the worksheet and I helped puting on the sentences on the google slide and I Mauriora was doing all the words instead of said.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Te Tuhi Collage

My Reflection

learning to make a collage.  There are different types of collages there is a normal collage a 3D collage and a digital collage. The first thing we did was to put ripped pieces on our piece of paper and you had to have to choose three different pieces of coloured ripped paper on our paper. The second step was to put on this blue carbon paper on our paper and trace the picture on our paper and only draw three pictured pieces on our paper.  The final step is to cut out pictures that you want and your only supposed to put three pictures on your paper.

Swimming Dolphins

When we were doing swimming we were doing some diving and we did some crawling also floating and we had some free time and me Johnny Nicholas were playing tag with the ball and Raj was playing and Raj was in most of the times well I did'nt get it that much so YEAH!


On the weekend I was playing a game on my Ipad 3 mini called terr aria and I so good because I had titanium Armour and I have a paladin's hammer legendary, piksaw legendary, a legendary horseman's sword,vampire knives rare and 10 banana thower's also 5 disc's. Me and my brother were in my world and we were trying to defeat the Ocram and we defeated it and I got a soul of blight and I got a greater healing potion also I got a cursed stuffing from a slime because I defeated it with my horseman's sword.When I clicked it and it spawned a Turkey and I defeated it with my brother and I got a never going healing potion and my brother duplicated it for me THE BEST ENDING EVER!!!!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Reading follow-up


For this task I had to put in a simile, adverbs and adjectives also I was doing it alone but Mauriora did'nt help so I did all of it alone read the 'Thunbelina' to find the words for the simile, adjectives and for the adverbs.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Narrative framework


On this task I did it with my friends Johnny, Mouriora and Braxton also we had to we work together and figer out what fairy tale we wanted to do also it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because mouriora and Johnny also braxton bailed out on me so I did it alone.

Monday, 9 November 2015

My Weekend!

On the weekend my sister brang her friend over for a sleep over and it was loud I couldn't stand it but I had to just ignore it and me and my brother was playing on the X-box 360 kinect and I was the best. On the game and I was the best with the gun called HBR8 and ASM1 I was on uplink its where you have to get this ball in the red hole.  I got it in seven times in a row and then I died and on the game I was level 48 wha tekau ma waru is 48 in Maori YEAH!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

MY Weekend

On the weekend I was helping my mum do the chores also my brother.  My sister doesn't do any chores in the house, so she just plays with her stuff.  So my brother and I always do the dishes, and then tomorrow we watched the rugby and the All Blacks WON YEAH!!!!!  Then I was playing on my X-box 360 kinect and my brother buyed a game and it was Goat simulator because of the video it was FUNNY :D :D :D :D